Trump Targets Globalists, Proposes Lobbying Ban to End Political Corruption

Proposal would subvert the interests of crony capitalists in Washington. —>


Republican nominee Donald Trump proposed a new plan that would ban corporate lobbyists and special interests from bribing elected officials and rigging the system in a speech Monday to an enthusiastic crowd in Green Bay.

His plan would restrict current and former lawmakers from taking jobs as lobbyists. In addition, the real estate mogul asked Congress to adopt a five-year ban on lobbying for congressional staff .

“It is time to drain the swamp in Washington, D.C.,” Trump said. “That is why I am proposing a package of ethics reforms to make our government honest once again.”

The billionaire businessman went on to propose new campaign finance reforms he wants passed by Congress that would restrict foreign interests from cashing in on U.S. elections.

Trump’s plan will likely further alienate Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton’s globalist/Wall Street puppet-masters who control Washington D.C. politicians with bribe money and cronyism. The Clintons themselves are profiteers of the rigged system, which allowed Hillary to approve weapons deals with hostile foreign agents in exchange for massive Clinton Foundation donations as well as sell U.S. policy to the highest bidder.

A Trump presidency could put an end to their corruption.

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