“Liberals” Use Women as Political Pawns

Women are nothing more than mindless pawns to leftists. --->


We live in a country controlled by open corruption, cronyism, deceit, lying politicians who are beholden to globalist puppet-masters and New World Order oligarchs who seek to eliminate nation-state sovereignty.

Nevertheless, Michelle Obama and the lying media tell women they ought to be upset about mean words said by a rich guy 11 years ago.

Modern day “liberals” (Marxists) are quick to label anyone and everything “sexist,” yet they manipulate women into being upset about private conversations as opposed to the private Federal Reserve, lewd comments as opposed to actual rape and political incorrectness as opposed to political corruption.

Instead of standing up against endless wars, crony capitalism, rigged elections and unrestricted globalism – the left (allied with plutocratic social engineers) are attempting to brainwash women with personality politics. Additionally, they shame those who don’t align with their distorted and myopic worldview by threatening them with social justice warrior buzzwords – thereby forcing their leftist anti-God, anti-family dogma into the mainstream.

It’s time for someone to call them out.

Women, don’t allow yourselves to get sucked into the echo chamber of pseudointellectual drivel pushed by college professors and hypersensitive crybabies. You owe it to yourselves and your country to rise above the corporate media’s blatant propaganda.

The numerous fake sex assault allegations on Donald Trump and the leaked audio clip released before the last debate are nothing more than carefully crafted attacks designed for one end goal, emotional manipulation. Don’t you see it? The Clinton crime family is using you as a political pawn in their game of chess in order to extract more votes from an unaware and compliant citizenry.

Don’t be a slave on the Democratic party plantation.

Fight back.


Editor’s note: Thank you to The Amendment Avenger for inspiring this article.
About Benjamin Knight (870 Articles)
Benjamin Knight, the founder of We the Vigilant, was born in Engelwood, New Jersey and is a freelance writer and citizen journalist who is dedicated to fighting back against radical Marxist "Social Justice Warriors" and globalists. In his free time, Knight enjoys triggering leftists, shooting guns and being an American. He hosts the website’s flagship podcast, The Maverick, which is uploaded Thursdays right here on

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