Rumor: 33,000 Deleted Emails to be Released, Will be “Complete Undoing” of Democratic Party

Anonymous 4chan hacker claims to be inside source, says secret Clinton emails will end her campaign. —>


An anonymous user on 4chan who claimed to be an inside source connected to the latest Podesta email hack being falsely blamed on the Russians said in a post on 10/12 that all 33,000 deleted Clinton emails will be released on November 1 in “probably 4 – 5 sets.”

According to the individual, the emails will be “the complete undoing of the Democratic Party” and they are being purposefully held back to keep the establishment from replacing Hillary Clinton before the election.  The source also claimed that President Obama would “literally” start a war with Russia to cover up for a multitude of crimes implicating himself and the Clinton crime family.

“We are talking Obama and Hillary being held for Treason,” the source writes.

In addition, the hacker revealed that six videos will be released within the next two weeks with at least one showing Hillary slandering and hurling racist insults at an African American female.

The individual concludes by stating “HRC is done, you can claim victory all you want, but the facts will show on November 8th.”

We the Vigilant cannot confirm the identity of the 4chan user, however, Mike Cernovich recently confirmed on Twitter that 33,000 Clinton emails will be released as a “November surprise.”

Mike Cernovich @Cernovich

I can confirm rotten Hillary’s 33,000 emails have been obtained. Word is it will be a “November surprise.” Wow, something new every day!

Other scandals have originated from message boards in the past, with the most recent being the “Stonetear” controversy in which Paul Combetta asked Reddit users how to delete emails.

The full 4chan post has been posted below:

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