Trump: Hillary is Chipping Away at America’s “Status as a Sovereign Nation”

GOP nominee also slams Google for backing Clinton --->


Republican presidential contender Donald Trump asserted that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is a bought, sold and controlled globalist at a campaign stop in Wisconsin on 9/28.

The real estate mogul referred to Clinton as a “vessel for the special interests” who are “trying to strip this country of its wealth, its jobs and its status as a sovereign nation.”

“The only people Hillary Clinton fights for are the special interests who write big, fat checks to her,” he concluded.

Trump’s remarks further prove the billionaire businessman is awake to the dangers of globalism and world government.

In addition, the GOP nominee slammed Google for protecting Crooked Hillary:

“Google search engine was suppressing the bad news about Hillary,” he said – clearly referencing Google’s proclivity to hide search results that contradict the corporate media spin. As Infowars’ Paul Joseph Watson notes in this article, when typing “Crooked” into Google’s search bar the engine does not suggest “Hillary” as an auto-complete while other search engines do.


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