Staying Safe During Civil Unrest

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It’s no secret that globalist social engineers have used weaponized immigration, the rigged economy and manufactured racial division to destabilize regions and divide and conquer the population for the purpose of total control.

Germany, for example, is reportedly encouraging citizens to get prepared for a clash of civilizations scenario stoked by Chancellor Angela Merkel’s suicidal open border policies which have resulted in a European rape epidemic capable of threatening the Western world.

In addition, Venezuela is being ravaged by a severe food shortage crisis, riots, looting and skyrocketing crime rates as a result of an economic collapse triggered by the nation’s corrupt central banking cartel. (hmm, sound familiar?)

It’s an apocalyptic nightmare. constructed a list of the top five most useful prepping tips aimed at keeping families safe during a statewide crisis. With Hillary Clinton threatening war with Russia and unhinged social justice warriors ready to wreak havoc should Donald Trump prevail in November (along with the George Soros-funded Black Lives Matter group perpetuating false anti-cop narratives,) we could be in for perilous times in the coming year.

Case in point, it’s more important than ever to be prepared.

The tips listed in the article were:

1. Stay Tuned – Information will be one of the most important commodities during a time of crisis.

2. Collect Resources – Without food and water, you’re not going to last long. Beyond that, you need a reliable power source and a means to protect yourself or your family from violent looters roaming the streets.

3. Stay Home – The article asserts that staying home will be your safest bet.

4. Have a Safe Room – This is essential for people living in areas prone to natural disasters.

5. Situational Awareness – Keep a close eye on your immediate environment, during times of instability, anything can and will happen.

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Germany is encouragingher citizens to get their emergency prep together, just in case of more civil unrest and other catastrophes. Venezuela is running out of food, and residents are taking to the streets.  We’ve even seen riots in our own streets here in the United States. Political demonstrations have a more threatening feeling than they have in the past. These are just a few examples of the unrest happening throughout the world, and if things continue how they’ve been going, things might get even worse.

When your streets turn ugly, there are certain steps to take that can help you stay safe. Hopefully you will never be in such a dangerous situation, but since things like demonstrations, riots, and civil unrest can happen abruptly, knowing what to do before it happens is crucial. These 5 steps can help you stay safe during civil unrest.



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