Democrat Controlled Cities Lead the Nation in Crime

Anti-gun measures serve to hinder law abiding citizens from defending themselves. —>



According to the FBI’s 2014 crime statistics, the top five most dangerous cities in the United States share one common theme: They’re controlled by Democrats.

Detroit leads the way with 1,989 violent crimes per 100,000 people. Memphis, another city controlled by a Democrat mayor, is second with Oakland, St. Louis and Birmingham right behind it.

Chicago’s crime rate soared by 72% in 2016 alone  – its citizens have also been subjected to stringent gun control regulations instituted by a Democratic mayor.

So, who really is more “compassionate” – the left or the right?

It’s worth noting that the controlled right is part of the problem and this article is not an endorsement of corrupt Republican establishment figures who have sold their souls to globalism, but it is glaringly obvious that left-wing ideologies regarding gun control only lead to more dangerous cities and an uptick in violent crime.

Prager University recently released a graphic showing not only the most violent cities in America but also the top five most poverty-stricken cities in the nation. You guessed it, they’re controlled by Democrats too.

For more, check out the video posted below:

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