“No Borders” Globalist George Soros Tops Hillary Clinton’s List of Top Billionaire Donors With $12 Million Investment

Nazi collaborator donates millions to the Clinton campaign. —>

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Bloomberg is reporting on the stark difference between billionaire donations to Hillary Clinton versus Donald Trump.

In fact, Trump’s total donations from billionaires represent only a tiny fraction  of Hillary’s total donation from Black Lives Matter chief donor George Soros, who finances a vast array of Marxist-oriented foundations, in addition to many globalist-centered organizations.

Soros often referred to as a megalomaniac, is well known for his anti-American stance on a vast panoply of issues virtually unreported by the mainstream media, to this day. Soros made his fortune toppling other nation’s currencies as a left-wing capitalist hedge fund manager.

The question, therefore, then becomes one of what Soros might be expecting in return for the vast amount of funding he has tendered towards Hillary Clinton, for the 2016 presidential campaign cycle.

So far, Soros has donated nearly $ 12 million on behalf of Hillary Clinton, alone, while the next largest billionaire donation comes from none other than another one of America’s top hedge fund managers.

According to the website American Prospect, “Hedge funds make big returns by manipulating markets in ways that are illegal for small investors. Remind us: Why are they permitted?”

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