Obama’s New World Order Legacy is Being Destroyed

These pretentious globalist are witnessing their empire justifiably disintegrate in front of their eyes… —>



…and their worldview is slowly being revealed to be nothing more than a delusion.

As us Patriots continue to take responsibility for our own lives and embrace individualism, family, liberty, freedom and capitalism while continuing to have personal success in our own lives (and great political accomplishments by voting these globalist out of office and soon the president of the United States of America as well,) we find ourselves distancing ourselves and moving forward with our lives and vision for the country. As us Patriots continue to leave the political hacks behind in the dust, they will have no recourse but to lash out at us and the political leaders we support.

Things will heat up as time goes on because they won’t go out without a fight, so we must prepare to defend ourselves by any means necessary.

(Infowars) The United Nations General Assembly in New York City spent the day painting a rosy picture around the autocratic nightmare known as Agenda 2030.

Then President Obama stepped up to the podium for his final love fest of himself as the President of the United States.

As if speaking into the vacuum of space, Obama lectured the international body of globalist banking pawns with half truths and grandiose ideas.

Still promising big things after eight years of diligently checking off the multinational corporation’s to do list at the expense of any real hope or change benefiting the citizens of the United States.

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  1. Isn’t it awesome watching Trump absolutely demolish Obama’s legacy of failure? Every thing that this Muslim Kenyan Failure did to try to weaken, bankrupt and destroy us is just…..disappearing right before our eyes. I love Trump’s speeches and how he gets little digs in at this worthless Marxist all the time, like saying “RADICAL ISLAMIC TERRORISM” very clearly, obviously to let it be known that there’s a true American-loving patriot at the helm now, one who isn’t afraid to say those words. He also talks about the REALITY of the buffoon Obama’s failed legacy and how he accumulated more debt than any president in history, and how many people are on food stamps, in poverty and out of the work force. Obama isn’t president anymore (thank god) so he can’t get up on a stage and talk about all of his so-called accomplishments. Nope, now he has to listen to Trump who talks about the mess he left, AND he gets to watch as illegals get deported, jobs come back, taxes go down and Obamacare is dismantled, and I know it infuriates him! I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!

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