Hillary Clinton’s October Surprise Predicted by Paul Joseph Watson

With the polls almost at a dead heat, Hillary will contrive and exploit a shocking October surprise in a desperate effort to sink Trump. —>

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Guest post by Paul Joseph Watson

This dirty trick could involve one of two scenarios – maybe even both.

Hillary could lean on her allies in the White House to provocateur a major military escalation with Russia, maybe even staging the shoot down of a Russian or American jet.
It wouldn’t be the first time such a drastic ploy has been considered. (Iraq – Downing Street memo.)

We’re already seeing the warning signs for this emerging out of Syria.

She will then label Trump anti-American and claim he’s in bed with Putin.

The more likely scenario is that you could have a Trump supporting, MAGA hat wearing, Pepe the frog meming, white supremacist go into a school in a black area of a major city and massacre a bunch of children.  You could have a group of Trump supporters caught on camera dishing out a brutal beating to an African-American, Rodney King style and it doesn’t have to be a conspiracy or a false flag for this to happen.

For nearly a year, the media has pushed the narrative that Donald Trump is “literally Hitler” and that his supporters are brownshirt Nazis.  Not only has that kind of reckless rhetoric emboldened extremists on the left to threaten and plan assassination attempts against Trump, its also emboldened actual neo-nazis on the far-right to think they can grease the skids for the reincarnation of Adolf Hitler.

So don’t be surprised if and when one of them goes postal, that’s the environment the media and the left has created by equating Trump with Hitler, people wonder why Hillary suddenly started talking about the ‘Alt-Right’.

Why her official campaign website suddenly started obsessing about Pepe the Frog.

Why she bizarely claimed the Alt-Right was run by Vladimir Putin.

What is she doing? Does she not know the one basic rule – that you don’t feed the trolls?

What she’s doing is setting the stage to exploit a military escalation with Russia to embarrass Trump, or a violent incident, or series of incidents, that will be blamed on Trump supporters to demonize Trump.

She’s creating the narrative in the minds of undecided voters that the Alt-Right is dangerous, unhinged, and that it’s about to violently lash out.

Remember, they tried to pull this same stunt before Brexit. Jo Cox, the anti-Brexit leftist murdered by a racist, right-wing Brexiteer.  He actually turned out to be a barely political mentally unstable person, but that didn’t matter, the media sold the narrative.

The media will dismiss all this as another right-wing conspiracy theory, just as they claimed Hillary’s ill health was a baseless conspiracy theory, and look how that turned out.
We’re truly entering wag the dog territory.

Either there will be a major escalation with Russia, or we’re going to see Trump supporters framed and blamed for violent, racist attacks, domestic terror, and murder.  Hillary Clinton is completely ruthless. She will resort to anything to become president.

Anyone who denies that is dangerously naive.

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