Russia Accuses U.S. Globalists of Supporting ISIS

New World Order elites deliberately support ISIS in Syria, get called out by Russian spokeswoman. —>


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Following a US-led airstrike in Syria which strengthened the Islamic State’s stranglehold on the region while taking the lives of 80 Syrian troops who had been backed by Russia, the Russian government said there can now be “no doubts” that globalists in the United States are deliberately supporting Islamic State militants.

According to the official story, the military acted on inaccurate intel leading to an air assault on the wrong target.

The attack allowed ISIS to advance further into Syria and likely mass murder more of the already dwindling Christian population within the nation.

“We are reaching a really terrifying conclusion for the whole world: That the White House is defending Islamic State,” a Russian spokeswoman asserted according to before concluding “now there can be no doubts about that.”

The accusation is substantiated by the Obama/Clinton foreign policy of dolling out weapons for “moderate” rebel groups (Al Qaeda/Al-Nusra) in Syria for the purpose of overthrowing the secular Bashar al-Assad, which directly lead to the rise of ISIS.  Now, the Middle East is being ravaged by animals who are using American-made weapons to execute Christians by the tens of thousands.

Furthermore, Wikileaks cables released in August prove that as secretary of state, Hillary Clinton armed radical jihadists through an Islamic gun-running program then lied about it during a congressional Benghazi hearing.

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The Russian government has claimed the attack allowed ISIS to overrun a Syrian military outpost in north-eastern Syria and said there can now be “no doubts” that the US is backing the jihadis.

The US military said they believed coalition jets were targeting Islamic State positions in north-eastern Syria.

But this was refuted by the Russian government, who claimed the attack on Syrian military personnel and vehicles near Deir al-Zor airport played right into ISIS’ hands.


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  1. Why of course the attacks on Syria by various groups of fighters who have nothing better to do with their lives than to kill innocent people which includes their primary goal of killing Syrian troops and destroying Assad’s government as conceived by the financial elitist of the New World Order…That’s what they do and our political leaders in this country are so dumbed down with their own self righteousness whereas they see not how they are being used as pawns by these New World Order elitist as supported by the military industrial complex which arms friends and foes alike…with which the killings never seem to stop because this is how the New World Order operates…this was all planned from the beginning as we invaded Afghanistan and then Iraq, and then Libya…which by the way the attack on Libya was orchestrated by our own Secretary of State Hillary Clinton who was unjustly carrying out the agenda of the New World Order…This woman is a snake in the grass and is not to be trusted with having the top job of running this country…if nothing else she will run it into the ground…which also is the agenda of the New World Order…If you don’t believe what’s happening in this world just ask Barack Obama…he’d gladly tell US citizens what coming down in this country but he couldn’t do so without telling some kind of big lie first.

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