Patriot of the Month: September

September Patriot of the Month Award winner is Lauren Southern —>


On September 11, 51 of the most beautiful and influential women in the country pranced across the stage to compete to be crowned  Miss America, but one Canadian has captivated our team; Conservative Journalist, Lauren Southern.

A political science major in British Columbia, Southern is making an impact on the internet as a result of her controversial commentary.  Her reports have explored the dangers of multiculturalism, the stupidity of Social Justice Warriors and the hypocrisy of feminists.

Southern is famously known as an anti-feminist who exposes the realities and dangers of feminism to the millennial generation. She has used her platform to fight  for free speech, refute “rape culture” lie and troll the left.

Recently she was censored on Skynews for speaking the truth:

“I don’t know why legal immigration even exists anymore,” said Southern. “I could just put on some bronzer, get on a dingy boat and show up on the border of Sicily or the beaches of Sicily with a Koran in hand and be accepted as an immigrant. Or go across the border with caracas and be accepted as an immigrant.”

The Rebel Media journalist represents true libertine values, she loves free speech, liberty, guns and hedgehogs.

Southern is a true pioneer, we are excited to see her flourish and expand the alt-right movement. We don’t have a sash and crown, but we can offer our praise and admiration by naming her the September Patriot of the Month.

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  1. stephen carlisle | October 10, 2016 at 8:35 pm | Reply

    Benjamin, I almost hate to criticize, because you are doing God’s work. Men like you have been foreordained by heaven to the mission you are engaged in, delivering America from the evildoers on the Left, a trumpet to the decent and honorable men of the land, sounding the alarm, gathering them together, giving them hope. Don’t ever doubt that. I know of what I speak. But you described Lauren Southern as representing true “libertine” values. Did you mean libertarian? Because “libertine” has come to mean sexually promiscuous.

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