Duke University Introduces “Safe Space” Rooms For Perpetually Offended Psychopaths

Politically correct university constructs room for students who can’t handle opposing worldviews. —>


The College Fix reported on 9/1 that Duke University recently debuted a “safe space” room for students who may have been “triggered” by differing opinions.

The room is yet another instance of college campuses across the country obsessing over political correctness and hypersensitivity as opposed to real world issues. Even “ivy league” universities are getting in on the act.

In fact, “ivy league” schools are often the worst political correctness mental asylums in America.

Duke University spokeswoman Karen Kemp said in an email to The College Fix that “professors who lead the school’s diversity and inclusion committee aren’t available to chat further about this.”

“They commented that their views and the purpose of the space are covered in the article.”

Read more about this below:

Students at Duke University’s Sanford School of Public Policy can take refuge in a new safe space.

The room, literally called the “Sanford Safe Space,” will make its debut this year in a former faculty office turned safe space, reports The Duke Chronicle student newspaper.


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