DARPA Developing Technology Capable of Secretly And Instantly Hacking Electronic Devices

The complete dissolution of the Bill of Rights could be upon us. —>


Computer World posted an article on 8/30 outlining new technology created by DARPA which would allow the U.S. government to use artificial intelligence systems capable of instantly analyzing, extracting and breaking into any electronic device at any time.

The Defense Advance Research Projects Agency is reportedly developing the new technology in order to make it easier than ever to obtain information in secret.

This will take surveillance to a whole new level.

“They are talking about going into any situation and extracting information at any time, (with) artificial intelligence systems that can attack and hack any network,” principal analyst at Tirias Research Jim McGregor said in a prepared statement.

While this development will benefit the U.S. Department of Defense by allowing military personnel to quickly extract enemy intel, the New World Order globalist elites could exploit it to further marginalize and control American citizens. Remember: with great power comes great responsibility.

If used for nefarious purposes, DARPA’s invention could render the American people incapable of protecting personal data stored on computers/portable devices from the federal government.

DARPA is also developing more accurate location-tracking devices capable of tracking objects or people for long periods of time.

There are ways to extract information from data feeds and devices. In this case, DARPA is looking at various ways to tap into wired or wireless networks or devices to monitor communications or steal security keys.

Beyond breaking in, the components need to be able to process the data gathered and dispatch only relevant chunks of intelligence information.

An unmanned aerial vehicle would be a perfect platform, McGregor said. A small drone with the new sensors can fly into any situation, understand the communication and then tap into data feeds using various techniques. Computer World

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