The Fix is in: Clinton Global Initiative Member Matt Lauer Will Host “Presidential Forum” on NBC

Candidates will not stand on the stage together. —>


The Daily Caller reported today that Matt Lauer will moderate the first presidential “forum” between Republican nominee Donald Trump and Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton on 9/7 – reporter Kaitlan Collins said both candidates will appear to answer questions from members of the U.S. military however they will not be on stage together.

Lauer was a member on the corrupt Clinton Global Initiative.

Instead of a debate, the event is being referred to as a “Commander-in-Chief Forum” in which Trump and Clinton will address veterans affairs and national security. What was originally supposed to be a debate has since been rescheduled into a question and answer session with the candidates appearing separately.

The “forum” being scheduled for one hour instead of two proves irrefutably that Clinton is facing health issues severe enough to keep her from participating in discourse for longer than a certain amount of time.  The bottom line is – she’s sick, mentally and physically.

Lauer being selected as host is a sign that the corrupt globalist establishment is already making moves to protect Crooked Hillary.

The first actual debate will supposedly take place on September 26, that is, if the former Secretary of State doesn’t find a way to indefinitely suspend the event to protect her already broken public image.

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  1. If Americans truly want to “Take America Back” and “Make America Great Again” they have to do it before November. Those who think they can just elect Trump and change things are a big part of the problem. A big Part of the problem is the illegal and unconstitutional removal of a legitimate amendment to the constitution, Titles of Nobility. Under TONA, Hillary Rodham is INELIGIBLE to be POTUS. Proclaiming TONA would create a major change in government which would give Trump the platform he needs to do the work we are demanding of him. People haven’t figured this out. I keep reposting this but it is not soaking in! Titles of Nobility has been illegally and unconstitutionally removed from our constitution and public record. It provides major changes in government which is why it was removed. I can not stress enough how important this is. Hillary Rodham Clinton is INELIGIBLE to be POTUS!!!

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