Fake Libertarian Gary Johnson Supports Forced Inoculations

Reverses 2011 stance on vaccines. --->


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Libertarian candidate for president Gary Johnson reversed his stance on vaccines after “learning more” about the science of immunization according to an 8/24 report published by

The former New Mexico governor said “No to mandatory vaccines” in a 2011 tweet but has since changed his mind on the issue in a recent interview with VPR:

“You know, since I’ve said that…I’ve come to find out that without mandatory vaccines, the vaccines that would in fact be issues would not be effective.  So…It’s dependent that you have mandatory vaccines so that every child is immune.”

Johnson, a guy who thinks Jews should have been forced to bake Nazi cakes, failed to mention that the CDC has never conducted an experiment designed to compare the differences between a vaccinated population and an unvaccinated one.  In addition, he didn’t explain how a self-professed “libertarian” could support the concept of an overreaching federal government forcibly inoculating its citizens.

You can listen to the full interview and read VPR’s own report below:

“In my opinion, this is a local issue. If it ends up to be a federal issue, I would come down on the side of science and I would probably require that vaccine,” he said.

Johnson said his position changed recently.

“It’s an evolution actually just in the last few months, just in the last month or so,” he said. “I was under the belief that … ‘Why require a vaccine? If I don’t want my child to have a vaccine and you want yours to, let yours have the vaccine and they’ll be immune.’ Well, it turns out that that’s not the case, and it may sound terribly uninformed on my part, but I didn’t realize that.”


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