American Red Cross: Praying With Louisiana Flood Victims is “Offensive”

Red Cross stops police captain from praying for flood victims.


The American Red Cross stopped a police captain from praying with Louisiana flood victims who have been displaced because “people might be offended,” CBN News reported on 8/26.

Captain Clay Higgins described the natural disaster in a viral Facebook video as “biblical in proportion” making it worthy of a “biblical response.”

In a startling example of hypersensitivity and P.C. culture, a Red Cross volunteer apparently asked the law enforcement officer to stop praying with the victims inside Red Cross shelters in order to not “offend” others.

The volunteer would have likely encouraged the prayer had it been Islamic.

Higgins calls the interaction “a reminder” from God “about some of the larger challenges that we face.”

“Our First Amendment rights include the freedom of religion and the free practice thereof,” Higgins said in his video. “But moreover, man, bigger than our own First Amendment, what’s wrong with offering love and prayer to people that are in a shelter?”  CBN News

Don’t take religious liberty for granted, the globalist elites will stop at nothing to add Western civilization to the long list of societies worldwide that have banned the Bible.  One of the first things to go following the institution of a tyrannical regime is religious freedom and specifically – the freedom to worship Jesus Christ our Lord and savior.

As the left continues to take God out of country, it is more important than ever to stand up for Christ and pray boldly for those in need no matter who decides to be “offended.”

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