Known Liar Don Lemon Claims Trump Called for Clinton Assassination, Blows up at Guest

Lemon is a Clinton operative and a phony.  —>

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Donald Trump clearly implied at a recent rally that pro-gun advocates would use the Second Amendment politically to stop Democratic nominee and possible future president Hillary Clinton from infringing on the civil liberties of Americans nationwide.

The Clinton News Network and the rest of the corporate media, however, once again responded by pouncing on an opportunity to manufacture yet another non-existent scandal in order to curtail Trump’s momentum.

On hist most recent show, known liar and establishment shill Don Lemon blasted a former Secret Service agent who refused to accept the globalist media narrative that Trump was calling for a Clinton assassination attempt. “You should be ashamed of yourself,” Lemon said. “You’re treating me as a child because you’re telling me what I’m supposed to hear.”

Lemon completely ignored the blatant hypocrisy of that statement given that his job on the 24/7 Clinton shill network is to manipulate people and tell them what they’re supposed to hear.

When the ex-Secret Service agent referred to the importance of stopping Hillary and her gun grabbing attempt, Lemon once again cut him off and claimed that “no one is trying to take your guns” despite Clinton herself explicitly stating on the campaign trail that she supported an Australian-style ban on firearms and a Clinton delegate revealing that the Democratic nominee will “for sure” abolish the Second Amendment.

The exchange was yet another example of the desperation attempts by the corporate media to attack Trump incessantly while ignoring the skeletons in Hillary’s closet. In fact, it was Clinton herself who once suggested that Barack Obama would be assassinated, yet the shills on CNN remained silent.

Donald Trump cannot utter a single word without the the lying hounds on CNN exploiting the ignorance of the American public to attack and misrepresent his worldview.

Watch the full video of the exchange below:

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  1. when Trump said that and I was watching, I thought he meant for people that are gun owners votes against Hillary! not for a violent take over!

  2. It wouldn’t break my heart if someone were to make a big splat of Don Lemon’s head.

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