Concealed Carry Law Saves Yet Another Life

Woman uses firearm to defend herself from crazed killer. —>


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Glendale, Arizona’s concealed carry law saved yet another life Saturday when a 23-year-old woman used a firearm to protect herself from a would-be murderer and thief who had been seated in the passenger seat of her car with a gun pointed at her head, Fox 10 Phoenix reports.

The woman immediately drew her gun from its holster, firing one shot into 27-year-old Frank Taylor who later died at a local hospital.

She did what she had to do to stay alive.

There’s a reason why gun violence has gone down while gun sales have gone up, firearms prevent crime. Commonly accepted leftist anti-gun narratives quickly fall apart when one studies the facts and recognizes that the Second Amendment, our last defense against tyranny, is also a criminal’s worst nightmare.

As a woman myself, I’m sick and tired of “progressives” shoving radical feminism down my throat and whining and complaining about “rape culture” and the “gender-pay gap” myth. You want true female empowerment? Put your big girl pants on and learn how to shoot.


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GLENDALE, Ariz. (KSAZ) – Glendale police say preliminary results of their investigation of a shooting support accounts by a woman and other witnesses that the woman fatally shot a man who was attempting to rob her at gunpoint.

Police say 23-year-old Carol Miracle fatally shot 27-year-old Frank Taylor early Monday morning near a convenience store in the area of 59th Avenue and Camelback Road.


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