Patriot of the Month Award: August 2016

Pastor Mark Burns is this month’s award winner. —>


For the month of August, We the Vigilant salutes Pastor Mark Burns as Patriot of the Month.

Pastor Burns is the Senior Pastor at The Harvest Praise and Worship center in South Carolina, he is also co-founder to a Christian Television Network entitled “NOW” which reaches 11 million households.

He is most prominently known for his appearances at Donald Trump rallies in which he delivers rousing speeches to energize the audience.

Burns regularly hosts church rallies dubbed “Black Americans for Trump.”

The fire in his belly and passion in his voice inspires crowds across the nation. A staunch critic of the left who often refers to “liberals” as “racist democrats,” Burns aspires to unite all types of people together in order to create a better, safer, stronger community.

His speeches are capable of making any non-believer seek the truth in the gospel of Jesus Christ. He stands for liberty, the nuclear family, the Bible, freedom and the RED, WHITE and BLUE.



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