Wikileaks: DNC, Hillary Camp Held Illegal Joint Fundraiser With The Washington Post

DNC leaks prove The Washington Post is in the pocket of the Clintons. —>

Earns Washington Post

One of the most interesting findings from last month’s Wikileaks dump was that The Washington Post held a joint fundraiser for Hillary Clinton and the DNC despite lawyers explicitly warning that the endeavor would be “illegal.”

Multiple email chains show DNC officials knew they were breaking the law:

wikileaks 2
The finding was yet another example of the Clintons partnering with the Democratic party establishment to collude with big media outlets and other special interests.  Evidently, laws don’t apply to the political elite.

Coincidentally, the White House-run Washington Post has been one of the most vociferous anti-Trump news (propaganda) outlets this election cycle.  It’s obvious that the globalists are scared out of their minds at the possibility of the Republican nominee subverting Queen Hillary’s coronation as the next POTUS.

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