The Globalist Media is a Unified Propaganda Machine

The globalist-sponsored corporate mainstream media has gone full Soviet. —>


The globalist-sponsored corporate mainstream media has gone full Soviet, they are utilizing every form of propaganda and spin that they can muster up against Republican nominee Donald Trump.

It’s a well-documented fact that the mainstream media has been a government mouthpiece since at least the early 50’s. The C.I.A. for example, is heavily involved in the propaganda business and it works side-by-side with mainstream media outfits to determine how and what exactly they’re going to propagandize to shape the psyche of the American population.

Propaganda is even listed in the C.I.A.’s budget reports for the public to clearly see, if people just simply studied the facts in detail the truth would become clear. It’s all on record and in plain sight. It’s not even hidden.

Do not believe one word you hear or read on the mainstream media. They’re covering for Hillary Clinton and the establishment, I can guarantee you that. We are currently witnessing some of the most corrupt unethical propaganda reporting that the country has ever seen…


Propaganda outlets contribute to the death of people around the world

Even when we lie, we tell the truth, and even when the enemy media tells the truth, they lie.

They lied to us about The Gulf of Tonkin incident and the pretexts to the Vietnam War and millions died.

They lied to us about the casus belli of The Iraq War and millions died.

The toxic tonics they push with contrived data for their big pharma sponsors leave countless victims sickened or killed by the cures.

Everybody knows mainstream media outlets, whose raison d’etre is to speak truth to power, are in reality public relations firms for the powerful and are responsible for the death of millions of innocents.

By regurgitating official talking points and re-enforcing them instead of challenging them, the media is derelict in duty and betraying the public trust.


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  1. WE THE VIGILANT, is telling the truth. The main stream news media is in fact a propaganda machinery control by corporate America. The truth will set us free. Thousands know the truth but choose the be silent; all the ones that keep silent to protect their jobs are worse that the criminals that commit these crimes, deceive the people and destroy the trust of the people on their government institutions, the press and many institutions that serve the American people. We must do our part to re-store our moral principles and values; our number one responsibility is to tell the truth and expose the criminals. May God give us the courage to stand for the truth.

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