Video: German Local Describes Daily Life in Merkel’s Islamic Migrant Hell Hole

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Rebel Media’s Lauren Southern spoke with a local German guide who agreed to be recorded with his face blurred out for a video uploaded on 8/3 about the true state of Germany and daily life under the authoritarian rule of open borders globalist Angela Merkel.

In response to widely reported refugee numbers pushed by the corporate media, the guide said: “If you look at the’s under 500,000 which means there must be at least another half-million that did not claim asylum. So, nobody knows how many refugees there are.”

In addition, the guide directly refuted claims that incoming migrant populations consisted of mostly women and children:

“They told us two days before the reufees arrive that there would be refugees coming…it was mostly men, around a thousand people, not from Syria.”

He also confirmed that “refugees” are being given extremely low-wage jobs called “one-Euro” jobs in which they work for literally one Euro.  Yes, one Euro.  It’s slavery.

The guide continued:

“Getting jobs is a very interesting things, politicians like to say we need to integrate them by getting them jobs…they created a bunch of one Euro jobs to put refugees there”.

Watch the full video below:

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