Twitter Censors Donald Trump

Google and Twitter have been working actively with Hillary Clinton’s campaign —>



Internet outlets such as Google and Twitter have been working actively with Hillary Clinton’s campaign to derail Donald Trump. They’ve even gone as far as removing him from the top search engine searches while hiding Hillary Clinton’s corruption deep down within the internet search algorithms of Google.

Just as we saw the Hillary Clinton campaign steal the election from Bernie Sanders, we are going to see a similar effort by the Clinton campaign against Trump in the general election.

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(Paul Joseph Watson/Infowars) Twitter is provably censoring Donald Trump in order to prevent him raising money for his presidential campaign.

A tweet sent out by Trump yesterday to promote his #MillionDollarMatch donation drive does not appear on Trump’s profile page nor did it appear on the feed of anyone following him.

You can check for yourself. Here is the tweet sent out by Trump yesterday and here is his main profile page – whichdoesn’t show the tweet. The tweet has been buried as if it never existed.

This is yet another example of Twitter shadow banning – where people on a designated ‘blacklist’ have their tweets relegated on search results and hidden from users’ timelines, while leftist politicians and commentators on a ‘whitelist’ have their tweets promoted.

A Twitter insider admitted to Breitbart back in February that Twitter had indeed begun shadow banning politically incorrect users, a claim verified by a senior editor at a major digital publisher.


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