Was DNC Data Director Seth Rich the Newest Addition to the Clinton Body Count?

Murdered DNC staffer may have leaked information to Julian Assange’s Wikileaks. —>



Murdered DNC staffer Seth Rich may have been a prominent source for the Wikileaks DNC email scandal according to this report by We Are Change’s Andrew Meyer.

@Corporatocrazy noted on Twitter that Wikileaks claimed their source for the leak (which proved the Clinton campaign colluded with the Democratic party establishment and the corporate media to rig the primary) was, in fact, a DNC staffer.

Coincidence?  You be the judge.

Seth’s father, 68-year-old Joel Rich, told the Washington Post that his son’s death was “a waste. He wanted to make a difference…Politics was in his blood.”

The data director was reportedly shot twice in the back and murdered as the 27-year-old walked home in Washington D.C. Although law enforcement officials in the area classified the incident as an armed robbery, the killer did not steal any valuables.

Rich’s wallet and cell phone were still in his pockets following his death.

To really make a difference – in a year when the DNC was rigging the election for Wall Street-funded Hillary Clinton and helping to defeat populist Bernie Sanders – it is very plausible that Rich would give the damaging DNC emails to WikiLeaks. For years, there have been qualified rumors that dozens of former Clinton associates have paid the price for providing evidence against the Clinton crime family with an untimely death.

With the Obama administration already giving Hillary Clinton a pass on perjury charges and her federal crimes relating to her illegal private email server, no one can expect a true investigation of Rich’s death – which seems to point right at the DNC.

Demand a real investigation into the murder of this man, Seth Rich. He may be the patriot America desperately needed to shine light on the complete corruption of Hillary and the DNC. We Are Change

If the DNC staffer was indeed one of Wikileaks’ main sources, it is entirely possible that he was the newest addition to the Clinton body count.

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