Shock Polls: Trump Takes Commanding Lead Nationally

Donald Trump is now the frontrunner in the 2016 election. —>


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New poll results confirmed that Republican nominee Donald Trump benefited from one of the most significant post-convention bumps in American history, an L.A. Times poll revealed that the real estate mogul leads former Secretary of State Crooked Hillary Clinton 47%-40% – a commanding seven point lead.

In addition, a Clinton News Network (CNN/ORC) poll released earlier this week has Trump up by three (48%-45%) and CBS shows the billionaire businessman up by one.

Clinton beat Trump in the last CNN/ORC polling period by seven points, but the criminal hag lost her considerable lead shortly after FBI director James Comey’s report on her private email server.

The new polls do not account for the inevitable post-DNC bump.

It’s worth noting that Trump has yet to pour even an ounce of hisĀ financial resources into the general election.

In layman’sĀ terms, he’s just getting started.

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