IRS Opens Investigation on Clinton Foundation Slush Fund

Will the Clintons find a way to out of trouble yet again?  —>


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The IRS is investigating the Clinton Foundation slush fund after being pressured to do so by Congress according to this report by the Daily Caller.

It’s about time.

The Clinton Foundation and the Clinton Global intiiative are giant money laundering operations used to buy and sell favors to foreign and domestic special interest groups including ExxonMobil, Goldmann Sachs, Citigroup, Morgan Stanley and others. Bill and Hillary allocate just 10% of incoming funds to charitable causes.

Any regular American would have already been thrown in jail for operating a similar organization.

The Clintons went as far as using the fraudulent charity to exploit a 2010 earthquake in Haiti for monetary gain. Bill and Hillary spent a considerable portion of the funds raised under the guise of providing aid for the victims of the disaster on business endeavors within the region.

The email scandal was likely a cover for Hillary’s corrupt dealings as Secretary of State, a position she used to enrich herself by negotiating weapons deals with the same foreign leaders who donated millions to the CF.

You can read more about the rumored Clinton Foundation IRS investigation here.

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