Despite Near-Revolt of German Citizens Insane German Leader Merkel Urges Migration of More Refugees

Something has gone terribly amiss with Germany’s leader Angela Merkel —>


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Something has gone terribly amiss with Germany’s leader Angela Merkel, in fact, she appears to be suffering from the same Islamo-enablement disease as Hillary Clinton.

Both insist that Islamic radical refugee migration should be increased exponentially, Hillary says as much as 550%, however, only one acknowledges the extreme danger to her people, and that particular acknowledgement was not from Hillary Clinton…..

In fact, Yesterday, Europe’s news agencies reported that Germans were in near-revolt over the increased admission of violent Islamic refugees  which are roiling German culture.

Germans revolt over four savage attacks by Muslims in a week

However, despite Merkel’s admission of major terror threats, from the Islamic refugees, the insane German leaders still insists on taking in even more, much as in the case of Hillary Clinton.

The German people should, inevitably, impeach their leader if she does not relent from her obvious mission on behalf and at the order of the global elites.

“CHANCELLOR Angela Merkel has said Germany is facing a “major” threat from terrorism but that this should not stop refugees being welcomed to Europe.”

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The German leader, who cut short her summer holiday to speak after a string of Islamist attacks rocked the country, said the entire continent was being “ravaged” by terrorism.

She described recent attacks in Ansbach,  Wurzburg, and Munich as “horrifying and depressing” but insisted Germany would not turn its back on people fleeing the Middle East.

In the wake of the killings Merkel said Germany now needed a better “early warning system” to spot radicalised Muslims among the newly-arrived migrants.

She said the central government would “redouble its efforts” against the threat, increasing staff numbers and resources for security services.

She said: “The terrorists want to make us lose sight of what is important to us, break down our cohesion and sense of community as well as inhibiting our way of life, our openness, and our willingness take in people who are in need.

“They see hatred and fear between cultures and they see hatred and fear between religions.


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  1. Merkle…Once a commie always a commie….this is how she was raised and this is who she is….like Hillary Clinton she is the lap dog of the global New World Order.

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