Syrian Refugee Blows Himself Up Outside German Music Festival, Kills One, Injures 12

“Religion of peace” not so peaceful. —>


RT reported today that a 27-year-old Syrian refugee blew himself up outside a German music festival in Ansbach, Bavaria.

The attack killed one and injured 12 others.

The perpetrator was a refugee who was denied asylum privileges in Germany but given a temporary place to stay anyway due to hostile conditions in Syria.  He evidently felt the perfect way to thank Germany for taking him in was to murder random innocents on the streets.

Incidents like this corroborate the claim that Syrian refugees have a proclivity to be violent, unassimilatable monsters who are being used as catalysts for civil unrest.

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At least 12 people have been injured after an explosion struck a bar in the southern German city of Ansbach, Bavaria. Authorities believe the act was ‘deliberate’ and the perpetrator died in the blast after setting off an improvised device.

The incident took place in the central part of the city, close to an area in which a music festival took place at the weekend, Suddeutsche Zeitung reported. Police have cordoned off the area around the restaurant and are conducting a crime scene investigation.

“The explosion in downtown Ansbach was not a gas explosion, but was caused by an explosive device,” Ansbach Mayor Carda Seidel confirmed. Seidel also said that it should not be ruled out that there could have been several explosions.





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