Trump’s RNC Speech: Trump Knocks it To The Moon and Unifies Both the Party and a Nation

Trump’s speech was one of the longest in history and easily one of the most substantive. —>

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Originally appeared on Conservative Refocus

Trump’s speech was one of the longest in history and easily one of the most substantive.

Donald Trump hit on every major concern and every major mistake the current administration has been specializing at and certainly many of the mistakes undertaken by the neocons, who are now faltering out of power in America.

From  America’s ridiculous economic mess which is referred to, comically, as free trade, to education, to the military, veterans, infrastructure, illegals, the debt, and all points in between, Trump literally knocked the ball to the moon.

Trump pointed out the stark fact that the world was on fire and America was in deep debt, after eight years of Obama and Clinton.

Trump put both the globalists and the bureaucrats on notice and galvanized a GOP that, at least for a time, had been substantially rudderless, with a leadership that has given in to Obama.

No more will a bunch of international outsiders, with an elite agenda, control the American political process, says Trump.

Oh, my, did we really just hear those words that we’ve been longing to hear?

It was a stunning counterpoint to the egregious treatment that Americans have been subjected to over the past eight years, by a president who seems to care more about foreign enemies being illegally introduced into the populace, while also roiling the former civil society into division rather than actual success, for America.

Trump re-enabled America’s core, its thoroughly demoralized heartland, and promised that he would be their voice, and much of America  began, to once again, believe in its heretofore foundering political process.

He extended special thanks to the Evangelicals, who bore him into primacy, while attacking the ridiculously contrived world trade deals that have been redistributing America’s wealth resulting in a baseless return, and foreign enablement.

Trump hit on virtually every single base of concern, it was an extraordinary speech.

Most of Trump’s detractors were turned and his enemies were silenced on this night.

Donald Trump came into his own on the night of his acceptance and now Hillary faces an extraordinarily attuned opponent, an actual chief executive with a track record of outrageous success on the field of reality rather than one of diminishing political rhetoric  and dissolution.

And You know, the opposition talks constantly of sustainability but while implementing extreme unsustainability, for the nation, of an unimaginable magnitude

It’s like they’re insane and maybe they are, which somehow is encouraging when faced with the unthinkable alternative.

“America first again,” says Trump, and thank God, we thought that simple bit of common sense logic had been long forgotten.

It’s back.

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  1. Well…there you have it…the nay sayers have been saying that Trumps speeches are far from sounding presidential…Guess what…Donald Trump nailed it at the RNC convention…he gave proof that he is not as stupid as the leftist news media and Hillary Clinton would portray him to be…This was one of the best and most sincere speeches we have heard to date…it makes Ted Cruise’s speech the night before look amateurish in comparison.

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