RNC Drama: Alex Jones, Roger Stone Involved in Physical Altercation With The Young Turks

Heated confrontation at RNC between Cenk Ugyr and Alex Jones. —>

Infowars.com’s Alex Jones and Trump confidant Roger Stone confronted Cenk Ugyr of The Young Turks at the Cleveland RNC in an effort to engage in a friendly discussion after being invited on stage by a Young Turks producer.

The confrontation quickly devolved into a shouting match after Jones showed off a Bill Clinton “rape” T-shirt which triggered The Young Turks “journalists” leading to Cenk screaming in Alex’s face.

“You want to take over my show I’ll take over yours, you know who does this kind of shirt?  First of all, a sick guy,” Ugyr said, clearly referencing Roger Stone.  “Get the f*ck off my stage,” he concluded.  Co-host Ana Kasparian joined in as well, yelling at Jones to leave while hurling unintelligible cuss words at the Infowars founder.

Young Turks personality Jimmy Dore then spit in Alex’s face before slithering away like a coward.

Ugyr absolutely exploded at Stone, the Armenian genocide denier hurled scathing insults at the author of “The Clintons’ War on Women,” labeling him a “piece of crap” and a “liar” during their fiery exchange.

The chaotic scene was yet another example of leftists being incapable of debating policy without resorting to ad hominem attacks.  The Young Turks brand themselves as “tolerant” leftists despite having a propensity to literally spit in the face of people who disagree with their distorted worldview.

Donald Trump’s popularity is a sign that the general public is collectively rejecting the left’s attempt to control language and culture.  The patriot movement as a whole will not be intimidated by regressives like the Young Turks.

The incident was particularly embarrassing for Cenk Ugyr, the Clinton supporter snapped and acted like a wild hyena for no apparent reason.

Here’s the full video:


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  1. Spitting on someone is assault in the state of Michigan so I’m thinking this spitter should be jailed and checked for Aids.

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