Busted! 23,000 Emails Leaked From Clinton Server Prove Hillary Knew They Were Marked “Classified”

Wikileaks release contradicts claims from both Clinton and FBI Director Comey.  —>


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One month ago, Wikileaks’ Julian Assange promised to release confounding information on the Hillary Clinton email scandal that could get her criminally indicted, the government watchdog delivered on his promise.

The 23,000 emails leaked by Assange were all clearly marked “classified” at the time, these messages were sent and received to/from Clinton’s private server further proving that the former Secretary of State subverted national security protocol in order to hide her corrupt dealings.

The leak also contradicts FBI Director James Comey’s claim that Hillary may not have been able to recognize the “classified” marker on the emails.  During a House hearing on the scandal, Comey said this:

“No, not that she would have no idea what a classified marking would be,” Comey responded. “It’s an interesting question whether she … was actually sophisticated enough to understand what a C in [parentheses] means.”

You be the judge:

^ Does that look confusing to you?

It’s important to note that the Clinton server was a tool used to cover for the crooked Clinton Foundation slush fund in which both Hillary and Bill used the State Department to enrich themselves and offer favors to foreign interests who reciprocated financially. The server may have also been used to hide vital information regarding the Benghazi scandal which was stymied by the Obama administration, the Clinton body count and possibly correspondences related to unfair IRS audits on Bill’s rape victims.

The Democratic nominee skirted out of trouble thanks to her “too big to jail” crime syndicate likely implicating a large subset of the political establishment. As a result, it’s going to be up to the American people to do what the FBI failed to do, politically indict the wicked witch of the West in November seeing as a criminal indictment is apparently out of reach.

Read the emails for yourself here.

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  1. So, Wikileaks hacked Hitlery’s server too?
    Lots of criminal activity wouldn’t you say?

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