Unaccompanied Muslim Refugee Goes on Axe Attack Rampage in Germany

Some have died and 20 are injured thanks to yet another attack by an Islamic refugee —>


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Paul Joseph Watson reported today that an unaccompanied refugee went on an axe attack rampage on a train in Germany killing at least one person and injuring 20 more.

The attack occured on a train line between Wurzbug and Heidingsfeld and was diffused by a police officer who shot and killed the perpetrator as he attempted to flee the scene.  “Some people were seriously or even fatally wounded,” law enforcement officials confirmed.

Europe has been hit with several waves of terrorist attacks by Islamic refugees and migrants over the last year, open borders have lead to mass rapes and hundreds of thousands of crimes throughout the region and the United States could be next.

The New World Order-backed clash of civilizations scenario is going according to plan thus far, unless Republican nominee Donald Trump can win in November and protect America’s borders from ISIS sleeper cells.


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  1. Chancellor Merkle needs to be canned….she’s still has the mind set of an East German communist no matter if she is the leader of a free democratic country (Germany)…The New World Order and the EU own her.

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