The Case for VP Mike Pence: An Excellent Voting Record, Family Values and Common Sense Conservatism

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Republican nominee Donald Trump’s pick for VP has been heavily criticized by even his most ardent supporters over the last 24 hours, but was it really that big of a mistake?

The truth is, Indiana Governor Mike Pence was a good pick for vice president.

I’m not going to pretend like I wouldn’t have preferred Alabama Senator Jeff Sessions or former Utah Governor Jon Huntsman, but Pence still adds value to the ticket.

People often forget that VP picks are about demographics, personality and an effort to round out lingering opposition from within the party. Pence accomplishes all those things and more, he’ll do wonders to help bring in the middle aged female vote, the Evangelical Tea Party wing of the Republican constituency and #NeverTrump Ted Cruz supporters.

Pence’s demeanor is calm, cool and collected, he’s a smooth talker who appears to be a family man with strong morals based on traditional Christian values.  He is the yin to Trump’s yang and the perfect contrast to the real estate tycoon’s bombastic personality.

Furthermore, he boasts an excellent voting record in the House during his stint as an Indiana congressman which validates his support of border control, lower taxes, nationalism, conservatism, the Second Amendment and energy independence:

Voted YES on establishing nationwide AMBER alert system for missing kids. (Apr 2003)

Rated 100% by the Christian Coalition: a pro-Family-Value voting record. (Dec 2003)

Voted YES on reducing Marriage Tax by $399B over 10 years. (Mar 2001)

Voted YES on deterring foreign arms transfers to China. (Jul 2005)

Voted YES on reforming the UN by restricting US funding. (Jun 2005)

Voted YES on withholding $244M in UN Back Payments until US seat restored. (May 2001)

Keep sanctions against Syria until WMDs are dismantled. (May 2007)

Withhold UN funding until voluntary and program-specific. (Aug 2011)

Sponsored bill supporting demonstrations against Iran. (Jun 2009)

Voted NO on Senate pay raise. (Jun 2009)

Voted YES on requiring lobbyist disclosure of bundled donations. (May 2007)

Voted YES on limiting attorney’s fees in class action lawsuits. (Feb 2005)

Voted YES on restricting frivolous lawsuits. (Sep 2004)

Sunset Act: review every federal agency every 12 years. (Jan 2009)

Voted YES on prohibiting product misuse lawsuits on gun manufacturers. (Oct 2005)

Voted YES on prohibiting suing gunmakers & sellers for gun misuse. (Apr 2003)

Rated A by the NRA, indicating a pro-gun rights voting record. (Dec 2003)

National cross-state standard for concealed carry. (Jan 2009)

Teach kids Eddie Eagle GunSafe’s lifesaving message. (May 2010)

Loosen restrictions on interstate gun purchases. (Oct 2011)

Deauthorize funding for Obamacare. (Jul 2010)

Voted YES on building a fence along the Mexican border. (Sep 2006)

Voted YES on reporting illegal aliens who receive hospital treatment. (May 2004)

Voted YES on extending Immigrant Residency rules. (May 2001)

Rated 100% by FAIR, indicating a voting record restricting immigration. (Dec 2003)

Rated 92% by USBC, indicating a sealed-border stance. (Dec 2006)

End Birthright Citizenship; no more anchor babies. (Apr 2009)

Declare English as the official language of the US. (Feb 2007)

Voted YES on end offshore tax havens and promote small business. (Oct 2004)

Voted YES on $167B over 10 years for farm price supports. (Oct 2001)

Rated 100% by CEI, indicating a pro-workplace choice voting record. (May 2012)

Voted YES on promoting commercial human space flight industry. (Nov 2004)

Voted YES on approving removal of Saddam & valiant service of US troops. (Mar 2004)

Sanctions on Iran to end nuclear program. (Apr 2009)

Voted NO on $15B bailout for GM and Chrysler.

Voted YES on more funding for nanotechnology R&D and commercialization. (Jul 2009)

Voted YES on expanding services for offenders’ re-entry into society. (Nov 2007)

Voted YES on military border patrols to battle drugs & terrorism. (Sep 2001)

Voted NO on enforcing limits on CO2 global warming pollution. (Jun 2009)

Set goal of 25% renewable energy by 2025. (Jan 2007) Source

Is Pence perfect?  Absolutely not.  He voted against FISA court restrictions which advanced the surveillance state and he supported the Iraq war in 2003.  Those two issues alone make him somewhat of an establishment figure.

Still, he adds a level of stability and level-headedness to the Trump ticket that could not have been achieved with Newt Gingrich or Chris Christie.

Also, the now former Indiana governor will bring intangibles that could help broaden his support among conservative holdouts who aren’t attracted to Trump’s unorthodox brand of politics.  He may not have been my first choice, but he certainly isn’t a bad choice either.

I’ve posted his first big TV interview with Sean Hannity below so you can judge for yourself:


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