Nice, France Terrorist Attacker Was a Tunisian Immigrant

Media claims terrorist was French native. —>

The globalist media has been lying about the Nice, France ISIS-inspired terrorist attacker who took the lives of 80+ innocent men, women and children on Bastille Day, according to some news outlets he was a “French citizen of Tunisian origin.”

He was not a permanent resident.

Mohamed Lahouel Bouhlel, 31, had Titre de Sejour/Carte de Resident which is less significant than a Green Card and not a document held by French residents. By all legal and practical standards, Bouhlel was a foreigner meaning the “French-Tunisian” label implying domestic descent is completely false.

We cannot allow disinformation agents to blatantly fabricate narratives that align with the leftist open borders pro-Islamic agenda. Spread this article with everyone you know to expose the machinations of the elite and their propagandists in the media.

Update 5:21 AM ET: The AP just confirmed that ISIS has officially taken responsibility for the Nice attack.  The Islamic State is now responsible for two attacks in France, one in Orlando, one in San Bernardino and one in Brussels.  When will the West finally respond?  When will the West protect its borders?


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