Jeff Knox: ‘No Gun Control Law Has Ever Resulted in Reductions in Violent crime’



Jeff Knox | WND

My family has been on the front lines battling the dangerous hoax called “gun control” for half a century. In that time, we’ve seen just about everything – repeatedly. The single most important thing we’ve learned over those 50 years is that gun control zealots are never satisfied. They keep coming back again and again, demanding ever more restrictions to pile on top of the current restrictions that have failed to deliver the promised reductions in crime and saving of lives their proponents promised. The ultimate objective of all gun control laws, no matter how minor, innocuous, or reasonable they may seem, is to make private gun ownership obsolete.

No gun control law has ever resulted in reductions in violent crime. The research on this is very clear. There is not a single example of a jurisdiction enacting gun control laws and crime going down as a result – not even Australia’s mass confiscation. And yet this is what is promised each time a new gun control law is proposed. But when gun control laws fail to deliver on their promises, their advocates don’t give up. Instead, like a gambler on a losing streak, they double down. They blame “loopholes” and the “evil gun lobby” and call for new laws to “close the loopholes,” tighten restriction and “save lives.” This time, they assure us, it will really work – until it doesn’t, and they’re back with more restrictions, more “loopholes” to close and more promises.



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