Report: United Nations Troops Can Use Force on U.S. Citizens

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The U.N. can now use military force within the United States in order to “protect” American citizens according to a We Are Change report published on 7/13, the move is likely a response to the most recent shootings involving Philandro Castille and Anton Sterling which have been exploited by President Obama to push for a more federalized police force.

United Nations vehicles have already been spotted on U.S. soil leading to speculation that the offshore globalist union was planning on increasing its presence domestically.

The war on the police is a carefully crafted agenda being pushed by George Soros, Barack Obama, Media Matters,, Black Lives Matter and other New World Order entities to allot more power to the U.N.

The end game appears to be the institution of a new, “improved” task force aimed at subverting American sovereignty and centralizing/militarizing law enforcement.

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