Paul Ryan Wants a Wall to Protect His Mansion But Not Your Country

Ryan defends personal wall while attacking Trump policy on borders. —>


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Breitbart’s Julia Hahn published an article on 7/12 on House Speaker Paul Ryan defending his personal border wall designed to protect his home while simultaneously blasting Republican nominee Donald Trump for his policy position on borders.

In a Monday interview with a Wisconsin NBC affiliate, Ryan claimed that the only reason he has a wall around his home is to protect his children:

“Having a backyard fence for three dogs and three kids is not a half-bad idea,” he said.

Although Ryan made clear that his children are entitled to play, live and grow up in an environment that’s shielded from external threats, he did not seem sold on the idea that the rest of America’s children should be afforded such protections. When asked if he intended to make “building a wall part of the GOP agenda,” Ryan would not answer.

Nor did Ryan answer affirmatively when asked specifically if, as House Speaker, he would allow legislation “on to the floor of the House to build a wall along the border with Mexico.”

The Speaker of the House claimed he opposes Trump’s border wall plan but that he still “supports securing the border.” The neocon “Republican” never explained why his children deserve a wall around their home but regular Americans don’t deserve to be protected by a physical deterrent on the southern border aimed at keeping drug dealers and violent criminals from entering the country.

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