Merkel Admits Terrorists Are Smuggled in With Refugees

German Chancellor forced to admit that radical Islamists embed themselves within migrant groups. —>

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Speaking at a “Christian Democrat Union” event in eastern Germany, Chancellor Angela Merkel finally admitted that terrorists are being smuggled into Europe through the Islamic refugee influx.

“In part, the refugee flow was even used to smuggle terrorists,” she said according to Reuters.

Muslim migrants from the Middle East have been responsible for rapes and sex assaults throughout the continent along with hundreds of thousands of crimes.

In addition, German spy chief Hans Georg revealed last week that 17 Islamic State militants embedded themselves within migrant populations to enter Europe, compounding fears of impending chaos.

Leftists and social justice warriors have branded the refugee migration as a humanitarian crisis when in actuality, the open border policies are designed to create civil unrest and a clash of civilizations scenario in the Western world.  The repercussion of mixing unassimilatable refugees will lead to further terrorist attacks which can be exploited by globalists to dissolve civil liberties.

RT has more on this story here.

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