Bernie Sanders SELLS OUT, Endorses Wall Street Puppet Hillary Clinton

Vermont senator sells out to the New World Order.  


Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders announced today that he is endorsing Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton despite the former secretary of state’s stance on trade, war, crony capitalism and corruption being in direct opposition to Sanders’ own so-called “revolution.”

“I have come here to make it as clear as possible as to why I am endorsing Hillary Clinton,” Sanders said at an event in New Hampshire, selling out his supporters.

“This campaign is not really about Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump or Bernie Sanders. This campaign is about the needs of the American people and addressing the very serious crises that we face,” Sanders added. “And there is no doubt in my mind that as we head into November, Hillary Clinton is far and away the best candidate to do that.”

It’s worth noting that Sanders, like Trump, based his campaign platform on a non-interventionist foreign policy, getting money out of politics, curtailing Wall Street’s influence in Washington and renegotiating disastrous trade deals.  Yet, the Vermont senator has chosen to align himself with Goldmann Sachs and the globalist establishment by endorsing Hillary over Trump or a third party candidate.

He proved himself to be firmly on the side of the New World Order today and nothing more than a paid shill from the very beginning.

Many Sanders (now former) supporters took to social media to express their discontent, several of them revealed that they felt betrayed by the supposed “political outsider.”

Trump responded with a series of tweets including one in which the real estate mogul asserted that Sanders endorsing Clinton was like “Occupy Wall Street endorsing Goldmann Sachs.”  The billionare businessman also said Sanders “abandoned his supporters by endorsing pro-war pro-TPP pro-Wall Street Crooked Hillary Clinton.”

We the Vigilant founder Benjamin Knight and contributor Alysha Fox share their thoughts in a special report posted below:




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