Video: Why Beautiful Women Love Donald Trump

Beautiful women flock to Trump while fat, blue-haired feminists support Hillary. —>


Look at that!  Trump supporters don’t look like sea hags!  Could it be that healthy people are attracted to anti-establishment patriots? published a video today in which reporter Millie Weaver interviewed female Trump supporters outside a campaign stop in Ohio who explained why they support the Republican nominee and real estate mogul for president.

Several women expressed their discontent with regard to phony politicians in Washington, with Trump offering a breath of fresh air compared to the inauthentic former secretary of state lying crooked Hillary Clinton whose voter base is made up of overweight blue-haired lesbian feminists.  Others referenced the billionaire businessman’s anti-establishment credentials along with the fact that he is  beholden to the American people as opposed to corporate lobbyists and special interests.

One prevailing theme was that people are sick and tired of political correctness.

It is worth noting that everyone in the video looked happy, healthy and full of life.  In contrast, Hillary/Bernie’s supporters look angry, sick and intellectually challenged.

Watch the video below:

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