The Regressive Leftist Culture of Victimhood

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Classical liberalism was once an ideology that supported individual liberty, free speech, a marketplace of ideas and open discussion.  It has since devolved into pseudo-fascism and a communist collective group-think cult where ideological purity is the ultimate goal.  Today’s leftists define what is right and wrong, they define what you can and cannot say and they define what is and is not the “right” side of history.

One of the most intriguing facets of the new “liberal” agenda is their culture of victimhood which I’ve organized into a Victimhood Hierarchy Pyramid, a list of the top so-called “marginalized” groups within Western society who have been “oppressed” by the “evil white male patriarchy!”

The following is a list of the most babied and coddled social groups who are exploited by social justice warriors to virtue signal to their Starbucks drinking, black rim glasses wearing, Buzzfeed reading, Huffington Post-obsessed, politically correct Facebook friends.

You do not criticize these groups, ever – or you’re Hitler.

I’ve assigned “victimhood points” for each category, at the end of the article – tally up where you stand and see how many points you’ve earned!

1. Social Justice Warriors (1pt)

Run to your nearest safe space, the first rung of the regressive leftist Victimhood Hierarchy Pyramid consists of social justice warriors!

SJWs believe they are victims even if the  globalist media, the Hollywood entertainment industry and the political establishment are firmly on their side.  These people are offended by everything from compliments to pronouns, sumbreros and Halloween parties to the way men sit on subway trains.

In addition, trendy SJW college students are so victimized and oppressed that they’ve turned our nation’s college campuses into hypersensitivity propaganda camps where students are now running around scared of innocent words like “boy” or “girl” or the word “Trump” written in chalk all in the name of social justice!

These people legitimately believe “the most qualified person will get the job” or “I love your shoes” are “microaggressions,” they are offended by everything.  Literally everything.

Victimhood Points: Being a social justice warrior earns you 1 point.

2. Pedophiles (2 pts)

Over the last year, published not one, not two, but THREE different sympathetic articles on Todd Nickerson – a pedophile who admitted to fantasizing about a three-year-old girl in a video interview posted on their website.  According to Salon, we ought to feel guilt for a man who enjoys sleeping with children.

Leftists have extended their promotion of sexual deviancy beyond just homosexuality and transgenderism, now they’re labeling pedophilia as the next “social justice” movement.  One can only assume that they will soon be fighting for pedophilia to be taken off the DSM list of mental disorders in order for it to be sanctioned by the state.  Mark my words, bestiality is next.

Victimhood Points: Being a pedophile earns you 2 points.

3. Morbidly Obese People (1pt)

Do you think everyone should aspire to be physically fit?  Congratulations, you’re a “fat-shamer” and a “obesityophobe” (I just coined that one.)  Don’t post about your successful exercise routine or your body transformation on Facebook or it will cause a media frenzy and leftists might resort to name-calling and censorship to take it down.

Because, you know…hate speech.  And stuff.

One of the tenants of left-wing ideology is that nobody is ever responsible for anything.  You can live a sexually deviant lifestyle and contract an STD, but that’s okay because #ShoutYourStatus!  Ever killed an unborn child?  That’s fine, killing babies is trendy and cool!   #ShoutYourAbortion on Twitter and let’s celebrate murdering infants together as an online community!

Are you fat?  Don’t listen to those pesky “doctors” who are perpetuating the myth that morbid obesity is somehow “unhealthy,” eat what you want!  Exercise is a conspiracy.  You don’t need exercise.

Victimhood Points: Being morbidly obese earns you 1 point.

4. Hillary Clinton Supporters (2 pts)

Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton is not only one of the most crooked political figures in the history of American politics, she has engaged in criminal activity for three decades.  From the emails to Benghazi, her husband’s propensity to rape/sexually assault women (and her propensity to cover it up) to her phony Clinton Foundation money laundering slush fund – Hillary is the embodiment of crony capitalism and corruption which has run amok in Washington for decades.

Now, she could be our next president.

Hillary earned herself some victimhood points due to her status as a Democrat (+1) and a woman (+6).  According to leftists, her scandals are apparently nothing more than Republican “witch hunts,” the Clinton Foundation is legitimate and everyone who has ever uttered a negative word about her was either misinformed, sexist, or lying.

Regressives believe Hillary is qualified to be president because vagina.  As for her supporters, they are victims and they’ve earned themselves a spot on the Victimhood Pyramid for supporting a female presidential candidate.  Remember: Hillary supporters are never responsible for violent protests (despite the opposite being true) and their abhorrent behavior is Donald Trump’s fault…because…racism.

Victimhood Points: Being a Hillary Clinton supporter earns you 2 points.

5. African Americans (4 pts for liberals, 0 pts for conservatives)

Regressive leftists will tell you to your face that they support the African American community, yet they infantilize blacks and brainwash them into mindlessly supporting the Democratic party platform.

If a white cop shoots a black criminal suspect – the white police officer is automatically guilty without the need for an investigation.  Questioning the “Black Lives Matter” movement is often viewed  as antithetical to supporting the black community even if the Soros-funded group calls for killing cops and white people.  All blacks are faced with systemic oppression on a national scale and if you deny this, you’re a racist.

Conversely, leftists are quick to discard any African American who doesn’t align with the progressive agenda while referring to them as “uncle Toms.”  The message from “liberals” to the black community is clear, conform or you aren’t really black.

Victimhood Points: Being an African American earns you 4 points.  Being an African American conservative earns you 0 points.

6. Mexicans (4pts or 8pts or 12 pts, see below)

Republican nominee and anti-New World Order patriot Donald Trump’s campaign platform is built around curtailing illegal immigration and rebuilding America’s southern border.  Instead of doing some research on the influx of violent criminals and rapists pouring across into the U.S. from Mexico, leftists chose to take Trump’s words out of context in an effort to smear him as a “bigot.”

You see, Trump committed the thought crime of asserting that some illegals are bringing drugs and violence with them to the United States – a well-known fact.  “Liberals” often respond to facts or any perceived attack against one of their protected groups by regurgitating SJW buzzwords like “racist.”

In their eyes, banning violent illegals from entering the U.S. is a ban on all Mexicans.  You must either support sovereignty-destroying open border policies or you’re a Hitlerian monster.

According to progressives, illegals help bolster economic growth (despite driving wages down as a result of overpopulating the work force) and they are incapable of committing violent crimes (even if they are statistically more likely to murder.)

Any contrarian view with regard to immigration is “anti-Mexican” because MSNBC said so.

Victimhood Points: Being a Mexican earns you 4 points, being an illegal Mexican immigrant earns you 8 points, being an illegal Mexican immigrant with a criminal record earns you 12 points.

7. Women (6pts)

If you speak to a woman in public, you’re sexist.  If you compliment a woman in public, you’re sexist.  If you criticize a woman in public, you’re sexist.  If you kindly ask a woman not to interrupt you while you’re speaking, you’re sexist.

If you don’t vote for Hillary Clinton, you’re sexist.  If you believe in chivalry, you’re sexist.  If you don’t believe in chivalry, you’re sexist.  If you believe women should be fit and active, you’re sexist.  If you don’t believe in the gender pay-gap myth, you’re sexist.  If you don’t believe in the “rape culture” myth, you’re sexist.

To sum it up, if you don’t believe women are being institutionally oppressed by the evil white male cis-gendered patriarchy, you’re sexist.

Everything is misogyny.

Women have been manipulated by the third-wave feminist movement into believing that Western men are out to get them, the Rockefeller-funded social engineering program was aimed from the very beginning at driving a wedge between the sexes and it’s working to perfection.

Living in a perpetual state of victimhood now constitutes “female empowerment.”

Victimhood Points: Being a woman earns you 6 points.

8. LGBT Community (20 pts, 0 pts if you’re Milo Yiannopoulos)

One of the most protected classes in society today is the LGBT(WXYZ) community, being a member earns you senior victimhood status and it is second from the top on the Victimhood Hierarchy Pyramid.

LGBTs enjoy protection from any and all criticism of gay “marriage.”  Private Christian institutions must serve gays or face severe penalties including but not limited to being shamed publicly for believing in traditional family values.

The LGBTQWXYZ victimhood narrative also extends to the transgender community who force their degenerate beliefs on children and use the federal government to bully schools into adopting tranny bathroom rules.  Transgenders refuse to admit that they suffer from a psychological disease and instead believe everyone must celebrate their “bravery” for being willing to mutilate their bodies.

“Liberals” are so militantly pro-gay that a subset of them celebrated the death of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia (who may have been murdered) because he did not support homosexual marriage.

Now THAT is tolerant.

*The above conditions do not apply for Breitbart’s Milo Yiannopoulos, he’s an evil right-winger.

Victimhood Points: Being a homosexual/bisexual/transgender/omnisexual/pansexual/othersexual earns you 24 points.  (0 points for Milo)

9. Muslims (2867 pts)

Following the Orlando massacre in which a Muslim took the lives of 50 gay Americans at a night club, social justice cult members were faced with a choice: Muslims or homosexuals.

They chose Muslims, making them the new number one protected class on the leftist Victimhood Hierarchy Pyramid.

Progressives collectively short-circuited at the thought of one of their protected groups attacking another which is why they rationalized the Orlando shooting by blaming Christians, gun owners and conservatives.

Left-wingers are so desperate to protect Muslims that they won’t even utter the phrase “radical Islamic terrorism,” they do not acknowledge the anti-woman, anti-gay, violent, oppressive tenants of Shariah Law nor do they believe the statistics on Islamic migrant rapes sweeping places like France, Germany and Sweeden.

Islam, an ideology which is responsible for enslaving women (another protected group) and forcing them to wear hoods on their faces, is somehow the newest symbol of liberal progressivisim in the modern era.

There is no coherent explanation for this.

Victimhood Points: Being a Muslim earns you 2867 points (one point per terrorist attack in 2015.)


If you fall under any of the above categories, please ask yourself the following questions: Do you really want to be coddled?  Do you really want to be exploited for political gain?  Do you really want the regressive left to speak for you?

Modern day “liberals” treat women and minorities like children who are incapable of defending themselves or speaking for themselves.  They’ve patted them on the head and assigned them with perpetual victimhood status, using political correctness as a shaming tactic to suppress all dissent and silence anyone who opposes their worldview.  Nobody has done anything about it for far too long.

If you’re African American or Mexican or a woman you are not a victim.  Your white male neighbor is not out to get you.  White people aren’t all evil patriarchal cis-gendered satanic spawns.

They’re Americans, we’re all Americans and I think it’s about time we rise above futile attempts by the political establishment and the corporate media to divide us, compartmentalize us and control us.

As a male, Christian, heterosexual, far-right Trump supporter who believes in free speech and is therefore not a social justice warrior, I’ve earned a total of o victimhood points.

No matter who you are, you’ve earned 0 points as well because the regressive leftist Victimhood Hierarchy Pyramid is satirical and fake.  It doesn’t really exist.

What does exist, however, is corruption at the highest levels in Washington.  The ruling class elites do not discriminate, everyone is under attack and the only way to subvert their influence is to break out of your trance, stop obsessing over skin color and rise above their divide and conquer strategy.






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Benjamin Knight
Benjamin Knight, the founder of We the Vigilant and host of The Maverick Podcast, was born in Engelwood, New Jersey. He is a Bible believing Christian, a right-wing Libertarian and a nationalist who is dedicated to fighting back against cultural Marxism and globalism. In his free time, Knight enjoys triggering leftists, shooting guns and being an American.

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  1. Like all good satire, the truth is just a sideways glance away. I think the evidence of the hierarchy is well documented in the social actions of individuals and groups, as you have done. And it’s always changing. The Women’s march on Washington DC today (21 Jan 17) does not include pro-life women, so perhaps they earn a zero, too, like African American conservatives. The point values may be fiction, and I give a knowing head nod to the rationale for the Muslims point value, however their values relative to each other set up the relationships that seem eerily accurate. I’m tempted to develop an infographic that depicts this!

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