U.N. Pushing Racist “Black Lives Matter” Movement

United Nations supports Soros-funded divide and conquer group. —>


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The George Soros-funded Black Lives Matter group, whose ideological leader was a cop killer, is now receving support from globalists at the United Nations according to a July 9 report by the New American.

The U.N. recently published an official press release supporting BLM and referencing “structural racism” within law enforcement entities inside the United States.

The offshore globalist cabal called for punishing the officers involved in the most recent fatal shootings without due process or the right to trial. Evidently, U.N. bureaucrats forgot that in America, individuals suspected of a crime are innocent until proven guilty.

Following the Dallas shooting which left five policemen dead and several others wounded, left-wing plutocrats have exploited racial tensions to push for more centralized, federalized policing in the U.S. thereby subverting community standards.

The Soros-funded Black Lives Matter group has been used as a divide and conquer social engineering program aimed at facilitating a race war, distracting the public and waging war on all police officers despite only a minority of them being responsible for unjust killings.

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The blood of five murdered Dallas police officers, reportedly shot dead by at least one racist “black power” activist who hated whites, was barely dry when the United Nations put out an official press release touting “black lives matter” and blasting American law enforcement for “structural racism.”
The UN’s “experts” on “people of African descent” also called for prosecuting and punishing local police officers involved in two recent fatal shootings, ignoring due process and other constitutionally guaranteed protections ensuring that all Americans are considered innocent until proven guilty. In another troubling sign of UN extremism, which has included co-hosting events with the racist Black Lives Matter extremist group and flying them in to speak at UN events, the UN also demanded that the U.S. government “strongly assert” that “Black lives matter.” Why the UN thought this was a good time to push racism and hate was not clear,but it does fit in to a larger pattern and agenda.

The UN’s own “peace” forces are currently facing global condemnation for systematic sexual abuse of children worldwide, especially in Africa. Separately, UN troops killed thousands of Haitians with Cholera recently, and mercilessly slaughtered African civilians in the Ivory Coast, and Katanga before that. Instead of cleaning its own house, though, the UN bureaucracy has become increasingly bold in fanning hatred and division while exploiting controversial incidents to demand that Americans be stripped of their individual rights.
Now, exploiting dead people for cheap political gain, the UN appears to be sinking to even lower lows. With a July 8 press release, the trend of the UN making demands on America and meddling in its internal affairs in violation of the UN charter continued to accelerate, following numerous similar incidents.


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