Patriot of the Month: July 2016

Congressman Thomas Massie of Kentucky wins this month’s award. —>


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Congressman Thomas Massie of Kentucky is the winner of the July “Patriot of the Month” Award.

Rep. Massie, a Libertarian Republican, began his career in public service as a Judge-Executive in Lewis County, Kentucky. He was born in Huntingon, West Virginia but he grew up in Vanceburg Kentucky where he met his wife Rhonda and earned a bachelor’s in electrical engineering along with a master’s in mechanical engineering from Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Massie ran for his state’s seat in 2012, he was soon endorsed by Texas Congressman (at the time) Ron Paul who touted his connections to the Tea Party movement as well as his Libertarian political streak.

He was also endorsed by Kentucky Senator Rand Paul.

In May 2012 Massie won the election for the 4th congressional district defeating Alecia Webb-Edginton and Gary Moore by a landslide.

Since winning the seat, Massie has spearheaded several anti-New World Order patriot movements aimed at 9/11 truth and restoring American sovereignty. The congressman was eventually given access to read the 28 redacted pages of the joint inquiry report on the September 11th attacks, saying that the secret pages challenge you to “re-think everything.”

In addition, Massie is fighting to get the United States out of the globalist United Nations plutocracy.

The Kentucky congressman stands against corruption in Washington and will make a tremendous candidate for higher office in the near future.

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