Negligence is NOT an Excuse to Break the Law

The lack of awareness or intent to harm the country is irrelevant, ignorance of the law is no excuse for breaking the law. —>


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The reason why Hillary Clinton will not admit to extreme carelessness in her handling of classified documents as officially reported by James Comey the Director of the FBI, is because she would at that point be admitting to violating a very important statute. As many legal experts have pointed out (both Republicans and Democrats) extreme carelessness by legal definition means the same thing as gross negligence, even by Webster’s Dictionary’s standard.

The reason why we have a statute that criminalizes gross negligence (extreme carelessness), is to underline that government officials specifically have a very important obligation to safeguard national defense secrets. When they fail to carry out that obligation as a result of gross negligence (extreme carelessness), they are guilty of a very serious federal crime.

The lack of awareness or intent to harm the country is irrelevant, ignorance of the law is no excuse for breaking the law.

Hillary Clinton had a private server which is a huge violation for many reasons – for one, private servers are not secure and can be compromised very easily which is a national security threat and the reason why the punishment should be severe regardless of what her reasoning is, is because of the treasonous crimes that could be or have been committed.

For example…

If one wanted to commit treason, they could set up a private server and email account and then unkowingly open and download a file that they thought was just a file from the DMV or something, but it is instead an infected file from an international hacker who could get into their system and steal important classified documents.

Now regardless if one did that on purpose in cahoots with the hacker or it was truly just a mistake, they should still have to be indicted for treason because regardless if it was negligence or a deliberate scheme we cannot allow that to happen and say “oh well, it was just a mistake,” because then that would be a backdoor way for domestic spies to simply claim negligence and get away with being treasonous.

So either way, one should be indicted for treason which if convicted can be punishable by either life in prison or death.  The security risk to the United States of America is too high to let this just simply go, when a private server has been set up by a public servant and classified documents were sent through emails on that server, regardless of political affiliation, being indicted with treason should be an automatic step.


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