Iowa Churches Forced to Allow Bathroom Use Based on “Gender Identity”

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The Christian Post reported on 7/7 that the Iowa Civil Rights Commission is forcing churches to segregate bathrooms based on “gender identity”  as opposed to biological sex despite the “transgender” movement being in direct opposition to Biblical Christianity.

In Obama’s America, pushing the LGBT agenda is more important than defending the rights of Christian churches to only promote values that align with God’s word.

Christian institutions should not under any circumstances be mandated to open restrooms and locker rooms to people who “think” they are members of the opposite sex.

The reality is, gender dysphoria is a mental illness and not a cause for celebration.  It should be treated by a medical professional as opposed to shoved down the collective throats of Americans nationwide through the media and Hollywood entertainment mediums.

Read below for the full story:

The Iowa Civil Rights Commission has deemed bathroom use based on gender identity, not biological sex, to be required in the state’s churches. In addition, churches can no longer make statements that make transgender people feel ‘unwelcomed.’

But the Christians are fighting back, reports the Christian Post. A Christian group, Alliance Defending Freedom, has filed a federal lawsuit on Monday against the members of the Iowa Civil Rights Commission. The suit claims the commission is acting unconstitutionally and censoring sermons.


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