A Message From Lauren Southern to Brain Dead Hilllary Clinton Supporters

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Guest post by Lauren Southern | Originally posted here.

Hillary Clinton has managed to get away with a crime that not a single one of her voters would. Her and her cronies see themselves as above the law. She takes your money, abuses the powers granted to her and in response to being called out? She ignores it, gives a shit eating grin to the camera and makes a joke about snapchat.

In response to this blatant question dodge you hear roaring cheers from millennial hordes who truly believe they are liberals, feminists and progressives.

If you are one of these people…

You have been fooled. You are no liberal if you vote for the establishment, the crony capitalists, “the man,” the individual who has no other aim than to hold office and power. You are no feminist if you vote for a woman simply because of her gender and not her skills or ability. You are no progressive if you vote for the woman who wants to keep the crony capitalists in power and who wants hold on tightly to the established corrupt government system.

Real liberals and progressives are ashamed of you.

While we are put in jail for smoking a joint, a criminal who compromised the safety of the nation runs for the highest office and is cheered on by elites.

Hillary Clinton is a fraud, and so are you if you call yourself a liberal and support her.


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