Sources Close to Trump Claim Hillary Will Not Get Indicted

Chance of indictment killed according to sources close to Trump. —>


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It appears that no charges will be filed against former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton according to Republican nominee Donald Trump’s latest tweet in which the outspoken businessman confirmed that the FBI will dismiss the case.

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The news on Hillary’s fate with regard to the email scandal came shortly after a journalist revealed that Bill Clinton met privately with Attorney General Loretta Lynch on a jet. One can conclude that the former president had been following Hillary’s orders to either blackmail Lynch or offer her a job for life should she play┬áball and make the email scandal go away.

The unfortunate reality is the Clinton crime syndicate is too big to fail.

Both Hillary and Bill have likely ensured themselves through backroom deals, cronyism, blackmail and deceit in order to keep themselves from ever being brought to justice.

Whether it’s Benghazi, travelgate, IRS-gate, Whitewater, selling off missile secrets to China, the Clinton Foundation money laundering scheme, the crony capitalist Russian uranium deal, threatening Bill’s rape victims or negligently handling classified information on a private server (and deleting the evidence), the Clintons have gotten away with it all.

Donald Trump is officially America’s last shot at justice.

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