U.S. Admits Record Number of Syrian “Refugees” in June

Potential ISIS sleeper cells flood the West. —>


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The Washington Times reported on 6/30 that 2,300 Syrian refugees flooded into the United States in June alone, the influx brought the total number to over 5,000 for the 2016 fiscal year alone.

Muslim migrant populations have been responsible for the European rape epidemic along with hundreds of thousands of crimes that have gone unreported by the bought and sold corporate media as a result of political correctness.

June’s numbers set a monthly record for the Homeland Security and State departments, which committed resources received earlier this year to streamline the process — in what critics say amounted to corner-cutting — to get back on track toward Mr. Obama’s political goal.

“I believe we will make the 10,000,” Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson testified to Congress on Thursday, assuaging fears of some Democrats that the administration was going to fall short.

Of those accepted in June, more than 99 percent are Sunni Muslims. Just eight identified themselves as Christian, eight identified as a non-Sunni form of Islam, and one reported having no religious affiliation. Those numbers have drawn criticism because the percentage of Sunni Muslims is far greater than that of the Syrian population as a whole, which is about 75 percent Sunni. Source

Despite Christians being the most persecuted group in the Middle East, the Obama administration continues to admit very small numbers of Christ followers into the country.

Last year, the president vowed to admit 10,000 Islamists by September 2016.

The move to force Islamic multiculturalism on Western societies in the U.S. and Europe appears to be a globalist-backed program aimed at creating civil unrest and exploiting it to dissolve liberty.

As evidenced by the left’s herd mentality response to the Orlando massacre, the elites are using psychological warfare to demonize patriots and gun owners while protecting Islam.

It’s working.

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