Raising Taxes Fuels Income Inequality

Over-taxing the primary capital earners in this country and then redistributing it back to lower income people has created more income inequality, not less.  —>


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Over-taxing the primary capital earners in this country and then redistributing it back to lower income people has created more income inequality, not less.

Hillary Clinton wants to continue on this path while Donald Trump wants to lower taxes for higher capital earners as well as all financial demographics across the board. Donald Trump’s plan will put capital back into the private sector stimulating the economy and getting this country growing again while Hillary Clinton’s and President Obama’s policies will just continue to degrade our economy further and further and further.

People like myself have known this for years and we have been screaming at the top of our lungs about it and we keep yelling at you about what the solutions are so we can get this country’s economy moving again, but we keep getting derailed by liberals and their naive aspirations of some kind of socialist equal utopia.

High taxes and over regulations in this country as well as anti sovereignty trade deals have lead to American corporations taking their factories and production out of this country and to places with lower taxes and lower regulations.  They then bring their products back into our country free of charge with no tariffs (taxes)  raking in huge profits for their CEOs and top corporate leaders.

Some Americans are brainwashed into thinking this is good because we get cheap goods, but the truth is Americans suffer tremendously as a result through job losses and wages while growing our trade deficit exponentially, not to mention the huge amounts of slave labor in other countries like China.

Washington is allowing our markets to be flooded with cheap labor from third world countries.

Tax cuts back to the Individual VS. Stimulus packages geared towards multi-million dollar corporations and special interest groups:

When you cut taxes and put money back into the economy through the individual, they typically spend it on necessities and or goods therefore stimulating the economy. However, when you take tax payers money and form stimulus packages/quantitative easing (QE), and take all that capital out of the market and redistribute it to multi-million dollar corporations and special interest groups, they tend to either horde the money or keep it for their CEOs and/or friends and that money never really circulates back into the market as it should.

Despite collecting record revenues, government still runsat a $461 billion deficit. We don’t have a tax revenue problem and we don’t need to raise taxes.

That’s a diversion from the truth.

The truth is we have a waste, abuse and fraud problem:

1. Waste: We have a huge bureaucracy that we don’t need. We have government agencies that are not necessary, and we spent trillions of dollars on over regulations that we don’t need. Etc.

2. Abuse: We over stretch our military for geopolitical nefarious reasons and we misuse our safety nets (welfare) for political leverage and votes. We also create entitlements that are both unconstitutional and unsustainable. Etc.

3. Fraud: We have people that abuse the welfare system by misusing its designed purpose and by lying about their status so as to receive several different forms of welfare such as EBT cards, etc that they shouldn’t qualify for. We also have politicians that take money from the general fund and misappropriate funds through negligence and theft. They use the money for Black Ops projects, to give themselves unnecessary raises and create bogus projects for profit and the list goes on.

Raising taxes is not only unnecessary but counterproductive and a direct deception by your federal government.

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