Martial Law on the Horizon? U.N. Military Trucks Arrive in Virginia

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The Daily Mail reported on 6/27 that United Nations “tactical vehicles” arrived in Virginia Friday which sparked several theories on social media and alternative news outlets.

Some have speculated that the U.N. is preparing for martial law prior to November’s election or even an American economic collapse which could be the catalyst for nationwide chaos.

The vehicles were reportedly equipped with large off-road tires and transported on Interstate 81. Jeff Stern posted several pictures of the trucks on Facebook, saying “Can’t begin to tell you how many of these I passed today on 81 near Lexington, VA. Interesting times ahead!”

Another Facebook user confirmed that the trucks were tactical vehicles with bullet proof glass.

Another online commenter said: ‘We have U.N. vehicles being shipped on U.S. highways. One has to wonder why?’  Bobby Wayne Guinn posted on Facebook that he had witnessed similar scenes in Texas.

He wrote: ‘Wondering why 30 United Nations vehicles, fully loaded with combat-prepared troops, were driving down our highway in Dallas, Texas.’  Source

U.N. vehicles have been spotted in Virginia, shocking motorists and sparking conspiracy theories

The white trucks, equipped with large off-road tyres, were seen being transported on Interstate 81 on Friday


The Daily Mail attempted to contact U.N. officials for comment but the news outlet has yet to receive a response.

It is worth noting that the globalist establishment could be gearing up for domestic martial law prior to November’s general election. If it becomes apparent that Republican nominee Donald Trump is set to defeat former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, the elites could pull the trigger on a national crisis in order to suspend the election and extend President Obama’s term in office.

In addition, the deep state power-brokers could also be preparing for economic calamity which will be exploited to suspend civil liberties and disarm the populace.

Whatever the case may be, it is not normal for unelected foreign bodies to ship military equipment into a sovereign nation.

Something is up.


The trucks appear to be Alpine Armoring’s Pit-Bull VX SWAT Truck models which cost from $225,000 to over $300,000. Here’s what you get for your money: 

An image from Alpine Armoring's catalogue shows the vehicle specifications

The VX weighs in at 16,600lbs.

Seating for two plus eight crew.

Windows do not roll down, instead there are locked gun ports on the vehicle that can be opened to shoot bullets out or accept documents in and are even big enough to pass through a can of soda. Glass is a mini,

The roof hatches on the Pit-Bull VX

The roof hatches on the Pit-Bull VX

Internal fans can keep bad air out, such as in the event of a gas attack, or bring fresh air in when reversed.

PA system to speak to the outside world.

Remote-controlled spotlights on the roof and pairs of red and blue strobe lights are mounted to each four sides of the vehicle.

Every window on the vehicle is filled with ballistic glass that’ll shed small arms fire like they’re pebbles and even resist a close-range shot from a high-powered rifle.

There are nine gun ports.

The angled roof and floor are designed with anti-mine protection in mind and can repel modern frag explosives.

The windows on the Pit-Bull VX

The windows on the Pit-Bull VX

Every door overlaps with ballistic steel so no stray bullets can penetrate at an angle.

Vehicle length is 239ins and width 98ins. It’s 100ins in height.

Wheels are 20ins x 11ins and are heavy duty for off-roading.

Three hatches on the roof.

Fuel tank is fully protected and encased in ballistic steel.

*Information courtesy of Jalopnik and Alpine Armoring

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  1. I hear these assault vehicles were ordered by Rosey O’Donald and the Hollywood liberal Democrats to be used at Trump’s inauguration for the sole purposes of helping Democrats publicly tar and feather our new president before he lays his small hands on the Bible…A Democratic coup is in the making claiming Trump to be a Russian planted spy wikileaks puppet and therefore Trump was elected as America’s first illegitimate president…Why?… Because the Russian Grinch Putin stole our elections and gave Trump the illegitimate gift of winning the presidency…How unfair this is…The Democrats want Martial Law imposed and Trump arrested and forced to stand trial before the United Nations….further resulting in a justly impeachment…Rosy O’Donald, Hollywood and the Democrats know this is not about a “fake” news story as issued by CNN…This is about reality and their support of a communistic New World Order…Hail the new Commander In Chief Hillary Clinton.

  2. If they are being manufactured in Va why would they need to go to Kentucky Colorado Texas to to shipped.

  3. Richard Roberts | July 11, 2016 at 1:40 am | Reply

    No shit, do people really believe we need the UN to protect this country? What a joke! They are manufactured here and being driven to ports. Lol

    • If it were only a few UN trucks on the Rd then it could b wrote off as simply some manufactured vehicles being shipped to ports. But seriously people, wake up & pay attention to what is going on in this nation & world. There are literally thousands of UN vehicles being photographed all over America & coupled with all the political upheaval, economic failures, foreign wars & rumors of wars, terrorism, mass-shootings, & now even race wars, it really doesn’t take a genius to see the big picture & understand that something major is about to take place that will change everything for us here in America. And Barack “Muslim” Obama is behind every last bit of all this insanity. He will either declare martial law (for whatever reason) & remain as President or he will become the next UN Secretary General & rule the entire world. Obama is the Antichrist. You may laugh now in your ignorance, but very very soon we all will see & know this truth for ourselves. I just pray that we will be able to do something about it when it happens. God bless.

    • Do your research there hasn’t been one manufacturer here that claims to have made them. Why do you think Obama is talking about federalizations the police or Lynch is talking global police with the UN? Take to Wake Up.

  4. So glad I’m canadian!!! Have fun Americans building your wall!!! Lmao oh by the way if trumps kicking out all foreigners whos gunna build your wall cuz the native Americans won’t and will be the only ones left in USA once trump kicks all you foreigners out lmfao!!!!!!

    • Your a special kind of idiot if you think this won’t hurt Canadians. Let me clue you in. Your government is in the UN. Oh and Can you say North American Union? You guys are all getting many refugees just like us. Bet you all been told they are moderate Muslims mostly all males of fighting age. But your government says they are safe. Check out Britian First on FB to see all the mosques being filled with war weapons. The civil unrest over in Europe. But hey your in Canada your safe right? Ever Wonder who is supplying them with war weapons? You think the Canadians only got the Muslims that don’t practice Islam ideology? LOL. How’s your economy? Don’t mind paying for all these refugees to not work with no end in sight. How about the fact they are bringing in diseases like Tuberculousis, measles, mumps, scarlet fever, things neither country has had in decades. This all seem sane to you? Like our governments are preparing for that NWO? Oh and what ever walks into America will walk right into Canada too. There will be no boarders if Obama and Clinton have it their way. So laugh and enjoy while you still can. what happens to us will surely be happening to you.

    • Wow! How naive are you? Canada and the US are so tightly linked that what happens to one happens to the other. There is no physical wall seperating us! Even our Prime Minister Trudeau is buddy buddy with Obama. Wake the hell up buddy!

  5. You guys believe everything you read and hear without any thought about the content. This company is contracted and manufactures these vehicles is based out of VA and was transporing them to be sent overseas. Do a little research before you form an opinion.

  6. i think we the american people better wake up and start questioning our so called goverment the ones who are supposed to be protecting our great nattion because we are not as safe as most believe with some of the leaders in charge today so every american might wanna wake up and smell the bullshit cooking in our goverment

  7. By Don De
    More UN Tactical Vehicles rolling into Virginia. Why Virginia? Is it possibly a rallying stage for an eventual protective ring for a perimeter defense around Washington, D.C. during the expected civil disruption that will be caused by another government generated false flag event? Open your mind and think about it. And, forget your stupid tin hat conspiracy comments. They’re overused and worn out.

  8. Why would the U.N. be holding an unlawful drill on U.S. soil? Answer: It’s not a drill. It’s preparation for actual war against the people by the House of Rothschild.

  9. I concur, have posting things sent to me and some media will not take it.

    Its about this post and added in tell.

  10. Why would the UN building need military equipment ROBERT. Or do you mean they are being sent over seas to an unstable nation where the UN is on the ground? Bring a link. There is every reason to question every piece of information unless of course you are in on it.

  11. ~They are manufactured in Virginia. Did anyone stop to think that these are newly manufactured vehicles being sent to the United Nations? Such alarmists lacking any common sense.~

    • Than what are they in tx for genius?

    • Would you guys STOP WITH THE BULLSHIT. this is an OLD story. The vehicles are MADE in America for the U.N. they were seen on TRUCKS being delivered to a port to be shipped out of the country to the U.N. Learn your facts before propagating FALSE STORIES about marshal law? Get a life!

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